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Welcome to LidLover®

What One Of Our Customers Had To Say Sums It All Up:

“LidLover is so versatile. There are so many more uses than I could ever imagine. You really get to be creative! I love being able to use one lid for dozens of bowls, containers, even halved fruits! I absolutely hate plastic wrap, I can never seem to get it to stick, and I hate searching through a pile of mis-matched containers and lids. LidLover is the perfect alternative.”

– Kelsey AZ –

One Lid, Many Bowls

LidLover Has Ribs On Its Under Surface That Form Leak-Proof Seals On Various Sizes Of Bowls.

Hey, How Do I Take LidLover Off?

Waterproof, Leakproof, WOOF! WOOF!

The Bowl Met Her Soul, And Then She Knew,

I’m Not Just A Showpiece, But Someone Too!

Fancy Bowl Meets LidLover!

Plastic Lids Warp With Heat and Cold

LidLover –Withstands 400F & Freezes Without Warping Or Leaching

Patented Lids Made From All Natural Food Grade Silicone Rubber.

Spaghetti, Spaghetti, All In One Place,

Not On My Elbows, Not On My Face!

Available In Square and Rectangle Lids.

Environmentally Friendly And BPA Free.

BPA is dangerous. Heat breaks down BPA bonds in plastic easily. Don’t heat your food in plastic containers due to BPA leaching. Use glass containers and LidLover. A molecular biologist warns chemicals in plastic can seep into food and lead to major health effects like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

Sealing Pet Food Cans From Moisture,

Keeps Pet Food Fresh & Healthy.

Bake At 400°F, Freeze, Microwave, & Dishwash