Headquartered in Goshen, NY, Altan Robotech is on a mission to bring service robots to households across North America. At Altan Robotech (USA), Inc., we focus on improving the quality of family life through robotic empowerment.

Advanced Smart Home Technology 

Our products are designed with advanced technology, so families can focus on things that matter. The initial Giddel, the world’s first portable toilet bowl cleaner, features numerous patents and has been recognized by third parties for its excellence. You can learn more about the features of Giddel and awards.

Family Matters

At Altan Robotech, Inc., we focus on improving everyone’s quality of life through robotics. Our products work with excellence and intelligence, so families can focus on what is important. Your FAMILY MATTERS to us.

Altan Robotech’s core competencies of research & development, sales, and marketing are poised to usher in a new and exciting generation of home robots to the consumer market.