How do you clean a toilet bowl today? With a Giddel, of course!

Giddel eliminates the disgust and frustration that comes with cleaning the toilet bowl. Its design and advanced smart technology make it a service robot that is easily transported and can clean virtually any toilet – round or elongated.


Giddel is compact, lightweight, and cordless so one robot can be used in every bathroom in your house. Simply snap Giddel into the mounting bracket and let the robot’s smart sensors determine the toilet size and shape. Then, the robotic arm recognizes the reach necessary to clean the bowl, as well as the pressure to remove all the build-up and germs.

When the thorough cleaning is complete, unsnap Giddel and take it to the next bathroom. When every toilet is sparkling, return Giddel to its charging station for easy storage and accessibility.


Giddel’s cleaning sequence (underside of the seat, rim, and toilet bowl interior down to the exit) prevents contamination and produces a pristine and shiny finish. It even accesses hard-to-reach places under the rim where germs can build up.

The custom-designed brushes are hygienic and are the only pieces of Giddel that touches the bowl, so the arm and body remain sanitary. Giddel sponges are intended for single use to clean the underside of the seat and are disposable to prevent contamination from other parts of the toilet.

High-end Durability

Giddel is designed with a ground-breaking, industrial-grade telescopic robotic arm driven by advanced sensors and sophisticated, heavy-duty mechanisms – all protected by a water-resistant hard plastic housing that has passed rigorous testing. The result is a highly durable service robot that sets the standard for smart technology used in the home and requires little to no maintenance.

Altan Robotech provides a one-year warranty on Giddel, too.

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