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Programmable UV-C Light That Kills Germs, Stops Mold, Deodorizes

Introduction Do you have mold in your refrigerator? Did you know that mold has toxins that cause respiratory infection and even cause cancer? Did you know that mold is a millimeter thick on the surface, but the roots grow an inch deep? Did you know that mold propagates by releasing spores that float through the[…]

Programmable UV-C Light That Kills Germs, Fights Mold, Deodorizes the Air and Surfaces

Introduction Ultraviolet light UV-C not only kills bacteria and virus on surfaces but also those in the air. It acts as an air and surface purifier. For example, ultraviolet light is used to kill viruses, bacteria, and superbugs like the Chinese Corona Virus on surfaces and in the surrounding air on aeroplanes. UVC disinfection robots[…]

Ultra Violet Light as a means of preventing the spread of the Corona Virus Sponsored by uvFreshr a series of UV-C lights for disinfection of air and surfaces

Introduction The coronavirus, which recently broke out in Wuhan province in China, is in the same family as the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) which broke out in 2012. It has spread to 473 patients in China, and 17 people have died from the virus. In the U.S., officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease[…]

Know More About uvFreshr Mini

UV Light General Information On a logarithmic scale of frequency, visible light is only 2.3% of the whole electromagnetic spectrum.Ultraviolet light belongs in the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength in the range of 200 to 400 nm (nanometers). UV light is just below the visible spectrum of light on the electromagnetic scale of wavelengths. All[…]

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