We at Atlan Robotech understand that families are undergoing tremendous stress due to various economic and social pressures. Unfortunately, these stress factors create a severe shortage of quality time with loved ones. Altan Robotech, through its patented Giddel, is on a mission to change that.

Spend quality time with loved ones because family matters.

Household cleaning can be time consuming, tedious – and in the case of toilets – disgusting. Giddel makes cleaning toilet bowls as simple as inserting the robot into its bracket and pressing a button! A few minutes later, the job is is complete – all while you are doing better things. You can see the ease in which Giddel works by visiting our videos page here.

Our company intends to create the time and opportunity for families to rekindle their bonds, by providing excellent and intelligent robots that make life easier. Spend quality time with loved ones because family matters