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Cleaning Cycle
Watch how Giddel safely and systematically cleans the hard-to-reach places in your toilet bowl, including the top of the rim, the inner rim around the entire bowl, fully under the rim, inside the bowl all the way to the exit drain.

Night Out
See how you can get ready for a night out with a loved one and clean the toilet – at the same time!

Introducing Giddel
Learn all about Giddel and how the world’s first toilet cleaning robot takes care of the dirty and disgusting task of cleaning your toilet bowl.

Plug and Play Operation
Cleaning your toilet bowl has never been easier than with Giddel. Just take it out of its charging station, insert it into the mounting bracket and press the start button. Five minutes later, your toilet is sparkling clean!

Cleans a Dirty Toilet Without Getting Dirty

Dancing Giddel
See how Giddel has all the moves – both inside and outside the toilet bowl – as he dances to It Ain’t Enough by Gyom.

Splash Free Design – the Brush Doesn’t Spin so Giddel Stays Clean
Only the brush touches the bowl and it doesn’t spin to prevent splashing or spraying. The result? A sanitary environment that keeps your toilet and Giddel clean.

Easy to Install, One-Time Setup
In only a few steps that take minutes, the Giddel mounting bracket is installed and you simply insert Giddel into place. Once the cleaning cycle is complete, unplug Giddel take it to the next bathroom or its charging station.

Installing Giddel
Installing Giddel, the world’s first toilet cleaning robot, is as easy as watching this video that shows step-by-step instructions.

Giddel Value
Learn what goes into making Giddel, how the world’s first toilet cleaning robot can withstand the environment in which it operates, and Altan Robotech’s commitment to your family.

Giddel’s Robotic Technology
David D’Souza, R&D Engineer – Robotics for Altan Robotech, explains the advanced technology designed into Giddel.

About Altan Robotech
Learn about the inspiration behind designing Giddel, the first toilet cleaning robot, and the commitment of Altan Robotech.