The majority of Americans have experienced unpleasant public washrooms.

Restaurants are often competitive when it comes to food and pricing, but missing the mark, or even negligent when it comes to cleanliness and comfort, particularly of their washrooms, to their own detriment.

  • 63%

63% of Americans have had an unpleasant experience in a public restroom due to the condition of the facilities.

  • 82%

82% of those Americans complained of a really bad smell.

  • 73%

73% described the overall appearance as dirty, unkempt or old.

  • 64%

64% of Americans admitted to operating the toilet flusher with their foot.

The cleanliness of your business restroom can significantly help or hurt your business!

“… Patrons think poorly of businesses with dirty restrooms. Most Americans say that a messy restroom signifies poor management and shows the business doesn’t care about its appearance or its customers.” – Restaurant Hospitality Editors, on the 2016 Healthy Handwashing Survey [3]

  • 80%

4 out of 5 customers would avoid a restaurant altogether if the bathroom was dirty.

Zogby International Inc.

  • 89%

Negative online reviews would deter 89% of Americans from visiting a restaurant Sofidel, leading provider of toilet tissue.

  • 52%

52% of Americans say they would “definitely” or “probably” spend more money at businesses with well-maintained restrooms.

  • 86%

86% of Americans equate the cleanliness of a restaurant’s restroom with the cleanliness of its kitchen!

Additionally, customers are very vocal about bad experiences they’ve had, and post poor online reviews on Google, Yelp and other platforms. So, dirty restrooms are not something that businesses in the food industry, no matter how large, can afford to neglect.

Staff struggle to maintain clean public washrooms.

According to cleaning industry leaders ISSA and Clorox Professional Products Co., out of food industry professionals surveyed.

4 in 5 say restroom cleaning is hard[2]

58% say there is too little time.[2]

45% say there is too much foot traffic[2]

18% lack effective cleaning products[2]

So how can you maintain clean public washrooms in your business place?

As we see it, there are 3 main options; let’s examine the pros and cons of each:

Redouble cleaning efforts

  • Overloads already busy staff
  • Increases workload without increasing time
  • Lowers employee working conditions
  • Does not guarantee a better result

Automate cleaning

  • Will likely improve washroom conditions
  • Does not increase workload or lower working conditions
  • Frightfully expensive

Automate cleaning

  • Improves results by removing human factors; tiredness, disgust, error
  • Does not replace employees, but decreases workload while improving working conditions
  • Cost-effective, long-term

Our solution

Our solution automates toilet bowl cleaning because:
Since it is the most disgusting of the cleaning tasks in the washroom, it is likely the task which employees would prefer not to do.Due to its ongoing use, the toilet likely needs to be cleaned the most frequently

Let’s face it, nothing ruins a customer’s appetite, faster than a visibly dirty toilet.

Meet Giddel, the world’s first portable toilet cleaning robot!

  • A single Giddel can clean all the toilets in your business place, whether round or elongated.
  • Giddel is easy-to-use; simply plug Giddel into it’s Mounting Bracket, turn it on, press play and walk-away. Giddel beeps when it’s done.
  • Unplug Giddel and place it in it’s Charging Station for discreet storage in a janitorial closet.
  • Giddel is lightweight, yet durable.
  • An optional, safe, germ-killing Giddel UV light sticks to the toilet lid and turns on every 4 hours when the toilet lid is closed, and no human activity is detected.
  • Giddel sports an antimicrobial body, doped with Zinc-Oxide nanoparticles to remain hygienic. Giddel remains suspended while cleaning, only contacting the toilet with its replaceable, non-rotating brush, so Giddel remains clean.

How effective is Giddel?

The Before & After image (right) shows the dried-on dirt, Giddel dislodged in just one Cycle!
Speaking of efficacy, Giddel is time-effective with approximately a 5-minute cleaning cycle and a 1-hour max charging cycle with a long-battery life.

Giddel is also cost-effective; at $299.99 USD, Giddel is less than the typical cost of a full-time employee for a single week.