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UV Light General Information

On a logarithmic scale of frequency, visible light is only 2.3% of the whole electromagnetic spectrum.Ultraviolet light belongs in the electromagnetic spectrum with a wavelength in the range of 200 to 400 nm (nanometers). UV light is just below the visible spectrum of light on the electromagnetic scale of wavelengths. All UV rays and bands are invisible to the human eye.

The UV spectrum can be subdivided into the following bands:

  • UV-A (long-wave; 400 – 315 nm): used for black lights, skin tanning, ink/resin curing.
  • UV-B (medium-wave; 315 – 280 nm): used for psoriasis therapy, can cause sunburn.
  • UV-C (short-wave; 280 – 200nm): most effective for germicidal disinfection.
  • UV-V (vacuum UV, below 200 nm): can produce ozone in the air.

uvFreshr Mini is Powerful

uvFreshr Mini gives UV-C light at 253.7 nanometers wavelength, and is more powerful than any chemical disinfectant but does not leave a chemical residue. Hospital super bugs like C. Difficile,one of the leading causes of hospital-related deaths and a significant public health threat, survive harsh chemical cleaning agents but cannot survive UV-C light.

uvFreshrMini’s Germicidal Action

When the DNA of a microorganism absorbs UV-C energy, molecular instability occurs, resulting in the disruption of the DNA sequence. This renders the cell unable to grow or reproduce. Without the ability to reproduce, the cell cannot infect, and it rapidly dies.

uvFreshr Mini’s Effective Range

uvFreshr Mini produces UV light which you cannot see. The product also emits a small portion of the visible light spectrum, so that the user knows it is working. The closer the light is to the surface to be disinfected, the more intense it is and therefore the more instantaneously it will kill 99.9% of germs. A single dose of light treatment from one foot away is lethal to germs. The table below shows the number of exposures required to produce 99.9% germicidal effect on the surface being sterilized.

Distance from surface Number of Exposures to achieve 99.9% Germicidal effect
6 inches Single Exposure
1 foot Single Exposure
1.5 feet 2 Exposures
2.0 feet 3 Exposures

uvFreshr Mini’s Freatures

uvFreshr Mini is powerful enough to kill germs in seconds and deter mold in minutes. It has an infrared sensor which will delay start up or temporarily shut off if humans are present close by. Charge it once a week if you use it once daily, as battery life allows up to 9 exposures. To charge the device, plug it with the charging cable provided, connecting it to any 5V standard cell phone charger or to a USB port of your computer/laptop. The charging time for the device is approximately 5 hours. The charge will last approximately for 2.25 hours of usage or 9 cycles of 15 minutes each. You may attach it with the Velcro pad provided, under the cover of any box to convert it into a sterilization box, whether for jewelry, or beauty accessories, or personal hygiene products.

uvFreshr Mini’s Many Uses

uvFreshr Mini is a great travel companion and helps disinfect hotel pillows which might not have been changed because they did not look dirty. Place it or fix it with removable Command Strips or Velcro to sanitize the toilet, your gym bag, your pillow, even your workplace. Fix it in the toothbrush cabinet, the toy box, the shoe rack. The PhoneSoap Sanitization box costs $80 but you could buy uvFreshr Mini for $29.99 and convert any box into a sterilization box, whether it is a jewelry box or beauty accessories box, or even a box to store your oral hygiene products or shaving kit. uvFreshr – Better Fresher, Better Safe!


While uvFreshr Mini has an infrared sensor that will delay start up or temporarily shut down the device in the presence of humans or pets, as a safety measure. It emits UV-C portion of ultraviolet spectrum of light. The letter “C” stands for a specific frequency band of UV light whose wave lengths stand between 200 to 280 nm (nanometer). This type of UV light kills germ, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and destroys their ability to multiply. Nowadays, UV-C light is used in many applications such as air and water purification, food and beverage protection, and sterilization of medical tools. In hospitals, germicidal UV-C light is used to purify the air and patients’ beds. However, UV-C light is a radiation hazard and precautionary steps must be taken to avoid exposure to skin and eyes of humans and pets.

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