When you purchase Giddel, you buy more than just a toilet bowl cleaning robot. You get the one thing money can’t buy – time. Precious quality time with family, friends and yourself.

You may be thinking, “Cleaning my toilet doesn’t take me long at all. How much time is Giddel really saving me?”

Well, let’s make the reasonable assumption that it takes you a minute and a half to clean your toilet and you have three toilets in your home. If you clean them once a week, 52 weeks a year for the average 61 (18 years old to 791) adult years of life in the U.S., that’s 14,274 minutes, or 238 hours. Let’s take it a step further and assume 16 waking hours a day (given the 8 hours of recommended sleep), that’s an equivalent of 14.9 days or over two weeks of your life just cleaning toilets!

That could have been a memorable vacation with your family on an island. Not to mention all the other chores, time spent sitting in traffic, waiting in lines, and other tedious tasks eating into your spare time.  That’s why Altan Robotech is on a mission to bring domestic service robots to homes across North America and put the control of your time back into your hands. At an affordable price, too!

Giddel cleans your toilet for five minutes per cycle. The actual life of Giddel depends on the number of toilets cleaned, cleaning frequency, toilet shape (some toilets have narrow drains and sharp curves that act as obstacles and cause some wear and tear while cleaning), and proper use of Giddel in accordance with the manual.

Cost per Clean is Less Than $1

Giddel has passed durability tests for 500+ cleaning cycles in a laboratory setting (the equivalent of cleaning three toilets once a week for three years). If we divide the retail price of $499.99 by the number of cycles, the cost per clean is less than $1.00; you spend more for a cup of coffee.

Don’t forget, Altan Robotech offers a limited 1-year warranty. So, in the unlikely event that your Giddel has problems in the first year, Altan Robotech will refurbish or replace it for free – no questions asked.

Time is Worth More Than Money

Time alone makes the Giddel a worthwhile investment. When you consider what else you could do with your extra time, it is an even wiser investment.

Here is what you can do with that extra time:

  • Exercise – Try a gym class, workout, run a 5K, or meditate; each of these is much better for your body and mind than cleaning a toilet.
  • Take a stroll with a loved one – Would you rather take a walk with family and friends or clean the toilet bowl? We think we know the answer.
  • Family meal – Try whipping up a new recipe and have a sit-down dinner with the people most important to you.
  • Family game night– Get out the good old board games and spend the night in playing with the family.

Less than a Maid Service

Did you know according to Home Advisor, a maid service for a single-family home has a per hour cost of $50-$90, depending on where you live in the country? At $499.99 Giddel is significantly cheaper in the long run. It also has the added benefits of systematic cleaning that only a robot can provide, and availability at a moment’s notice, for your convenience.

Investing in Technology

So why is Giddel $499.99?  Two main reasons are its design complexity and quality of construction.

Giddel is the most advanced toilet cleaning robot on the market. It has 115 mechanical, electronic and sensory components, making it highly intelligent and functional. Unlike other domestic service robots that have a stationary body, Giddel possesses articulating joints that move relative to one another. This includes a robotic arm that has rotary and extendable freedom. Sensors and sophisticated software enable the robotic arm to scrub hard-to-reach areas in your toilet bowl with the exact pressure to clean it effectively and efficiently.

The wet, acidic environment in which Giddel operates necessitates a superior grade of materials and components, which Altan Robotech insists upon maintaining. The telescopic arm for instance, must perform high-load work as it extends and retracts cyclically, and experiences tangential forces while extended, during cleaning. To meet the strength and durability requirements, the pulley system and telescopic arm were reinforced with fiberglass. You may learn more about the design of Giddel by visiting our technology page.

Furthermore, Altan Robotech’s 1-year limited warranty and free home delivery, are included in the price.

Our Promise

Altan Robotech is on a mission to make domestic service robots available to all, so that people can have time for things that matter most, like family and friendship. Our slogan is Family Matters because your family matters to us.

Learn more about the Giddel and how it can clean your toilet bowl by visiting our main product page.