LidLover Rectangular Lid


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  • Rectangular LidLover fitting rectangular containers of 7 x 11 inches and 9 x 13 inches

LidLover is patented in USA, Canada and Europe.
Patent Numbers 9409364, 9856057, 10179674, D787936, EP 29522445

What One Of Our Customers Had To Say Sums It All Up:

“LidLover is so versatile. There are so many more uses than I could ever imagine. You really get to be creative! I love being able to use one lid for dozens of bowls, containers, even halved fruits! I absolutely hate plastic wrap, I can never seem to get it to stick, and I hate searching through a pile of mis-matched containers and lids. LidLover is the perfect alternative.”

– Kelsey AZ –


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