Robotic Technology

The smart home, with its innovative technology and devices, are improving the lives of everyone worldwide. Part of this ever-connected and advanced society are service robots, which have been making a positive impact in professional settings. Now, our personal lives will continue to be improved through service robots.

It’s not just us that is making such a claim. The International Federation of Robotics (IFR) most recent report on the robotic market indicates the positive effect and growth of robots in our professional and personal lives.

Year-to-year sales of professional service robots increased by 24% in the most recent year of data, with nearly 60,000 robots sold. Personal and domestic robot sales also increased by 24% but it totaled approximately 6.7 million units. To date, personal and domestic service robots are predominantly used for vacuuming and floor cleaning, lawn-mowing, and entertainment and leisure, including toys, hobby systems, education and research. Giddel is changing all of that.

Projections in personal/domestic service robots

Service robots for domestic/household tasks are forecasted to grow between 30-35% annually from 2018-2020, reaching 32.4 million units sold, according to IFR. The size of the market for toy robots and hobby systems is forecast to be around 9.5 million units between 2018 and 2020. The IFR report estimates 994,000 robots for education and research will be sold from 2018-2020.

Sales of all types of entertainment and leisure robots are projected at about 10.5 million units between 2018 and 2020. Sales of robots for elderly and handicap assistance will be about 32,900 units in the period of 2018-2020.

As the first portable toilet cleaning robot, Giddel will help shape and expand the market for domestic robots. It is ushering in a new era for domestic service robots, one that will create more free time for families. Find out how Giddel is Maid to Order. Made for a Better Life, visit our product page.

Giddel Robot Technology

The International Organization for Standardization defines a service robot as one “that performs useful tasks for humans.” Altan Robotech has a similar purpose for Giddel. Our goal is to improve the quality of family life though robotic empowerment. The Giddel portable toilet cleaning robot is the first of a portfolio of innovative robots that will shorten your “to do” list so you have more time with family and friends to do things you all enjoy.

It’s now accident that we chose toilet bowl cleaning for our first robot. The focus was based upon a nationwide survey by Altan Robotech that revealed:

  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) of Americans who responded believe robots are an acceptable solution for cleaning toilets
  • Eighty-eight percent (88%) found toilet cleaning as tedious to some degree
  • Exactly half (50%) found toilet cleaning to be disgusting, while 30% found it labor intensive, and another 9% found it to be physically difficult.
  • Nine percent (9%) don’t have time to clean the toilet
  • A brush and detergent are used by 77% of the people to clean a toilet, with 34% using bleach, as well. Remarkably, 9% of respondents rely on flushing the toilet to clean the toilet.
  • The bowl and rim were considered the most important part of the toilet to clean by more than half (53%) of respondents, while another 37% fond them to be the second most important part.

The multiple patents and high-tech design of the Giddel portable toilet cleaning robot will be used in future service robots and smart home devices designed by Altan Robotech. It is part of our mission – Maid to Order. Made for a Better Life.