Giddel: Leading Robotic Technology

To design the world’s first portable toilet bowl cleaning robot, Giddel, several challenges had to be overcome. Giddel had to possess the intelligence and versatility to adapt to toilets of all shapes and sizes, as well as the dexterity to systematically scrub and rinse, all the hard to reach places in the toilet bowl, to a sparkling shine.It also had to be water resistant for electrical safety, durable, and withstand the acidic conditions created by toilet bowl cleaners.

Giddel’s patented technology was meticulously developed by Altan Robotech’s own engineering team of experienced PhDs and specialists in robotics, mechanical engineering and software development. The engineers employed their collective expertise to develop an advanced robot integrating smart technology with 115 mechanical, electronic and sensory components.

Giddel is essentially a robotic arm, unlike any other domestic service robot on the market – it moves a customized toilet brush for you, so you can toss your old-fashioned one in the garbage.

Servo Motors

The role of the arm muscles is played by the servo motors; actuators that allow precise control of rotary or linear position, velocity, and acceleration. Given that Giddel cleans in three different motions – a radial or circular fashion, a sinusoidal or wavy pattern, and vertically towards the drain – the servo motors play a vital role in ensuring the toilet is systematically cleaned as thoroughly as possible from the top of the rim down to the drain.

The Giddel servo motors undergo rigorous tests to ensure they work for their life, even under a meter of water. Water-proofing of the electrical components ensures that Giddel is electrically safe even in the wet environment of your toilet.

Robotic Arm

Giddel has several patent-pending designs. One of the most impressive is that of the triple joint configuration of the robotic arm – two rotary and one linear – analogous to a human arm.Giddel uses tactile feedback to “feel” its surroundings so that it can calibrate and clean any shaped toilet in North America.

Another patent is for Giddel’s telescopic arm which is essentially, an arm within an arm. It allows Giddel to fit within the confines of a smaller toilet yet extend to reach larger bowls. This unmatched dexterity allows for the robot to clean on top of the rim, inside the rim, under the rim, and the bowl interior, all the way down to the drain. The software algorithms for the robotic arm were strategically developed and meticulously optimized to ensure all the nooks and crannies of the toilet bowl are brushed as thoroughly as physically possible.


The smart sensors act as the touch sense of the robotic arm, helping the portable robot map the size and shape of any round or elongated toilet bowl it is mounted in.The sensors enable the robotic arm to strike the perfect balance between smoothness and pressure to efficiently and effectively clean the entire bowl.

With the help of Giddel’s sensors, the portable robot can detect and navigate around obstacles in its path, rendering it safe around children and pets. Even though Giddel was designed this way, it’s important to remember that this is a domestic service robot, not a toy, so it is recommended that young children and pets stay out of the bathroom during the five-minute cleaning cycle.


The custom electronics and software act as the ‘brain’ of Giddel. The engineering team at Altan Robotech have invested countless hours of programming in creating an adaptable, intelligent and algorithmically robust domestic service robot.

The software instructs the robotic arm to extend to specific 3D coordinates of desired locations in the bowl and execute the appropriate cleaning movements with the right amount of pressure to ensure a sparkling clean toilet bowl. The software also strategically establishes the sequence of the cleaning cycle, the manner of the various cleaning motions, the shaking of the brush at the end of the cycle to remove water, and all actions in between, to improve hygiene and customer convenience and satisfaction.

All of Giddel’s parts undergo extensive testing to ensure proper operation and long life, so you never have to worry about a dirty toilet again. You can learn about the specific operations of Giddel by watching our instructional videos.