The Altan Robotech Giddel is the first portable toilet cleaning robot that has been developed to make you and your family’s lives easier. Our products are designed with high-quality materials to provide a level of performance and reliability previously unseen so you can focus on family matters.

Giddel is a smart home device that uses a ground-breaking robotic arm driven by advanced sensors and sophisticated, heavy-duty mechanisms. This innovative toilet cleaner has unrivaled dexterity compared to other consumer robotics, so it can scrub even the hardest to reach places. The highly flexible body allows it to clean most common toilets in North America – both round and elongated.

Below are the key specifications of the Giddel that highlight its design and performance advantages, and what makes it the leader in robotic technology for toilet bowl cleaning.

You can also learn more about Giddel by watching our informative portable toilet cleaning robot videos.

Altan Robotech Giddel Features





Power Switch Turns the power on/off when connected with the mounting bracket On top of the robot Turning the switch to the off position shuts off power to the system. The Giddel stops immediately, if in motion.
LED Indicates the status of the robot to the user;  namely, the battery power and if the Giddel is operational On top of the mounting rod and in front of the power switch The user knows when to charge the battery
Start/Reset Buttons Start button initiates and pauses the cleaning process; reset button resets the system The two “eyes” of the robot Enables the user to start the robot from its HOME position, pause it to restart.

Reset button aids in trouble shooting during operation.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner Tank Storage of the liquid detergent Inside the body Reduces the frequency in which the toilet bowl cleaner refill must be replenished
Toilet Cleaning Brush Scrubbing and dispensation of liquid detergent At the tip of the reciprocating rod, outside the body Cleans the surface and applies soap
Charging Station Facilitates storage and recharging of the robot A separate unit Dual-purpose, lightweight, convenient and attractive
Mounting Bracket Mounts the robot in MOST toilets On the toilet and back of the toilet seat Enables plug-and-play operation
Mounting Rod Connects the Giddel with the mounting bracket Comes out of the robot head Suspends and steadies the robot
Mounting Lever Locks the mounting rod in the mounting bracket. On the mounting rod and in front of the LEDs

Ease of (dis)mounting