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Disinfectant UVC Light

Introducing uvFreshr Germ n Mold
Powerful UVC Light which kills germs and fights mold.

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3 Second rule

The three second rule is a myth.
uvfreshr protects your kids from germs
even when you dont have time to clean.

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Mold Attack

Mold grows in every damp place that is poorly ventilated
and eats the surfaces it grows on.

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Attics – Home to mold?

Dont wait for spring to check your attic for mold.
Harsh winters can cause leaks and mold build up.
Stop the leak and fight mold with uvfreshr

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Set your schedules to shine for upto 30 minutes anytime as per your convenience
even at night when you are asleep.

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Light It & Leave It

uvFreshr works without re-charging for weeks