UVC Light

Introducing Ultraviolet (UV-C) light which NOT ONLY kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces but also those in the air. It acts as an air and surface purifier and it is more powerful than any chemical disinfectant without leaving any chemical residue. Disinfect your belongings and things you come in contact with everyday.


So What Is UVC light:

UV light is light with a shorter wavelength than that of visible light It is invisible to the human eye. It is broken down into 4 groups:

Vacuum UV: 10-200 nm;
UV-C (Short Wave UV): 200-280 nm;
UV-B (Middle Wave UV): 280-315 nm;
UV-A (Long Wave UV): 315-400 nm.


UV LIGHT provides rapid, effective inactivation of microorganisms of at least 3 log (or 99.9%)

Germicidal UV dose = UV intensity X exposure time

uv Light intensity & effective range is much higher with uv lamps and lower with uvc LEDs

99.9% Germicidal
UV Light Dose
Required for
Common Viruses
& Bacteria


Make your own
sanitization box by
simply sticking uvfreshr mini
(with the velcro strip provided)
in any box to sanitize
your belongings