uvFreshr Germ


    uvFreshr Germ emits 253.7 nm ultraviolet UVC germicidal light to kill 99.99999% of bacteria & viruses upto 6 feet in diameter at recommended Exposure time.

    Lab tested: uvFreshr Germ reduced 99.99999% E.coli & S.aureus bacteria, from 14in in 15min.  Other results may vary with conditions.

    Mini Air Purifier. Sanitize phone, ipad, laptop, toys, makeup brushes, tools, gym bag, drawer, cabinet, countertop, pillow, bed, bathroom surfaces, closet, electronics.

    DIY- line a box interior with aluminum foil & stand uvFreshr Germ on box floor.

    Programmable: set duration, repeat, delay, schedule.  Charge with charger 1x/week, if sanitizing 40min/day.

    UV wands- not as effective because UVC light requires time for 99.9% disinfection.  With uvFreshr, light it & leave it for effortless disinfection.

    Certifications: FCC, IC, UN38.3, ROHS, UL WERCS, EPA Est. Registered

    Safety Sensor turns UVC off for up to 10 seconds when motion detected. CAUTION:  Please vacate the sanitizing space when UV light is on because UV light is harmful to skin & eyes.

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