uvFreshr Pod


    uvFreshr Pod emits 253.7 nm ultraviolet UVC germicidal light to kill 99.99999% of bacteria & viruses within 190 cu. in. usable volume at recommended Exposure time.

    Lab Tested: uvFreshr Pod reduced 99.99999% E.coli & S.aureus from direct UVC Exposure for 15 min.  Other results may vary with conditions.

    UV sanitizer box – phone, gaming console, headphones, wallet, keys, toys, electronics, makeup brush, jewelry, socks, cash & more!

    UVC mirrors inside to reflect UVC and provide all round disinfection.

    Portable for Travel. Genuine leather strap.

    Programmable: Set 5 min Timer to sanitize the top & sides of the item(s). Set 10 or 15 min Timers to sanitize the top, bottom & sides of the item(s).  Charge 1x/week with provided USB-C Charging Cable.

    UV wands are not as effective because UVC light requires time to achieve 99.9% disinfection.  With uvFreshr, light it and leave it for effortless disinfection.

    Smart safety sensor turns UVC bulbs off if lid is turned upwards to protect you, your family, friends and pets from UV light exposure. Do not expose UV light to skin and eyes as this is dangerous to health.

    Certifications: CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, EPA Est. Registered

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