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Domestic Service Robotic Market Now Includes Giddel- World’s First Toilet Cleaning Robot

Back in the 1960s-70s, there was an animated program (back then they were referred to as cartoons) called the Jetsons that featured flying cars, a robotic maid, and other technologies. When it aired, most people saw it as a show about what the future might hold.

Well, as we look around today, the future is now, and nothing seems out of reach. While cars may not be flying, there are driving themselves, and robotic technology is part of increasingly more homes. The latest entry to improve our lives is the Giddel , the first portable toilet bowl cleaning robot, part of a growing number of domestic service robots that also includes vacuums, window cleaners, lawn mowers, and more.

Domestic Robot Market Exploding

Acceptance and use of domestic service robots goes far beyond early adopters. Families of all sizes, from all walks of life throughout the country are welcoming advanced technology into their homes. According to the world’s leading robotic association, the domestic service robot market is about to explode. Studies show sales could reach more than 32 million units with an estimated value of $11.3 billion by 2020.

It’s important to note that when it comes to personal/domestic robots America leads in sales, as shown in Figure 1. This is simply another indication that we are open to trying new technologies. It also shows that many of us want to be the first on our block to have an emerging product.

Service Robots in the Home

Robotic technology is being used in a variety of ways in and around the household. Here are some of the more prevalent chores that can now be done by intelligent machines, freeing people to spend time doing more enjoyable activities.

Toilet Bowl: One of the most disgusting chores is cleaning the toilet. Giddel (figure 2) was designed to alleviate this tedious task so people could spend more time with family and friends. Giddel uses advanced technology, including an industrial-grade telescopic robotic arm guided by advanced algorithms.

All you have to do is spray any off-the-shelf toilet bowl disinfectant, such as Clorox® or Spic-n-Span®, in the bowl and press the button – Giddel does the rest. Its intelligent sensors and software know exactly how far to extend the arm and exert the precise amount of pressure to clean the bowl, including hard-to-reach areas such as under the rim and the exit drain.

Vacuum: Most people are familiar with vacuum cleaning robots. With a push of a button, they clean floors, carpets, rugs, etc. without supervision. Sensors detect walls or stairs and will automatically turn the vacuum around to make sure it hits every inch of the cleaning space.

Window-cleaning: Not only are there service robots that can mop and vacuum the floors around the house but there are others that can be attached to windows and clean the entire glass. They will even reach the nooks and crannies that a human hand might miss. These machines can be used on windows, glass doors, railings, and more.

Pet-friendly: In 2017, about 68% of all households in the United States owned pets. There are now robotic devices that interact with dogs and cats to help keep them stay active, reduce anxiety while their owners are away, and even give them their favorite treats.

Lawn Mowing Robots: There are robots that have made their way out of the house and are now helping with curb appeal. These advanced machines can mow any type of lawn, regardless of size or terrain.

Toilet Cleaning Robot is Next Big Trend

Altan Robotech recognized that while many existing robots addressed home needs, they didn’t eliminate the dirtiest job of all – cleaning the toilet. Giddel takes care of that for you. With a push of a button you can have a sparkling toilet without putting on gloves, dropping to your hands and knees, or working up a sweat.

Investing in a robot cleaner like Giddel can save time and energy. It is also less expensive than hiring a maid service to clean the toilet over the life of the robot, especially since its portability allows it to be used to clean every toilet in your home.

The Robot Future is Now

The popularity of domestic service robots is part of the evolution to create better, easier lives through technology. As these intelligent machines continue to advance, the future of the smart home goes far beyond appliances and thermostats. It will not be surprising to see robots cleaning an entire household and doing other tasks, allowing people to spend time making memories with family rather than worrying about pesky chores. The robotic-fueled future is becoming a reality now more than ever, and it certainly makes it seem as if the creators of the Jetsons had a crystal ball.

To learn more about the first portable toilet cleaning robot, visit the Giddel product page.

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